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Think New Mexico needs a little
wake up call? So do we.

We started NMUPF to give New Mexico an alternative forum for monthly, independent, fringe presentations and a meeting venue that is open and accessible to our entire community. We cannot stress enough the importance of the key role you play in this. As always, your time, interest, and support are much appreciated and greatly needed. We are asking you, our patrons, supporters, and advocates, for your much-needed donations — we truly need your support now!

Remember that inclusion begins with acceptance! Please encourage your family, friends, co-workers, and associates to join The New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum on our mission to inform and educate the community on what is happening in our amazing and mysterious world with awareness and acceptance, true equity, and inclusion to create a universal voice of reason and wisdom in the world.

Our goals.
  • Planning the year in advance
  • Casting a much wider net for speakers
  • More than one meeting per month for attendees
  • Keeping our meetings open to the public
  • Dedicated equipment for presentations
  • Dedicated meeting space with no restrictions
  • Become a nonprofit with tax-deductible donations
  • Your peace of mind that we are here to stay
What can Forum supporters do?
Here are some options.
  • Make a donation today to help the Forum present great speakers
  • Visit our Associates page for some great recommendations
  • Your patronage is always appreciated by our former speakers
  • Prioritize and center CE5 voices - not just during events, but always!
  • Take an oath to ensure that ET self-advocates get to be a part of every conversation about the world we live in
  • Drive the conversation - share the Forum with everyone you know
  • Change the narrative by spreading our Events page everywhere
  • Remember to open and read our emails on a consistent basis

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Become a sustaining supporter.

Monthly supporters free up the Forum's committee from fundraising so they can focus on NMUPF's purpose and goals that take longer to research and plan. Your monthly gift goes directly toward supporting NMUPF services and the Forum's ability to present great speakers year-round!

Just $0.33 per day ($10/mo.) is a great way to support your UFO, fringe, and paranormal forum. We guarantee a warm, fuzzy feeling from supporting your local, independent forum for your community.

Give a one-time donation.

Your GoFundMe donation goes directly toward supporting NMUPF services and helping the Forum present great speakers year-round! Please donate today! Your gift makes a huge difference.

Would you like to leave us a tip?

Every once in a while, it's nice to have a pat on the back for the passion, drive, and sweat we have put into planning, scheduling, meeting arrangements, and speaker accomodations. If you feel this way about us and would like to offer a tip, then it would be truly appreciated. We will put your tip towards buying coffee and donuts for monthly meetings. Thank you so much for your time, interest, and support.

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Would like to leave us a tip?

Donate to help the Forum
present great speakers!

We are thrilled to have your support. Through your generous donation, we will be able to continue sponsoring free monthly seminars and meetings, informing and educating the community on what is happening in our amazing and mysterious world. You truly make a difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!

Today your donation is going toward funding and supporting these monthly meetings with some of the most amazing and highly educational researchers, thought leaders, experiencers, and authors. If you have specific questions about how your gift is being used — or our organization as a whole — please don’t hesitate to contact the Forum by email at info@nmupf.com.


Gloria, Larry, Linda, and Richard
Executive Committee
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P.S. Donations to the Forum are not tax-deductible but it always feels good to help. Plus, it's good Karma all around.

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